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Welcome to the Website of Christian Renewal School.

CRS developed from vision planted in 1977 coupled with the passion of a group of parents to start the school in 1993. Since its conception, it has continued to grow in size and become a well-recognized learning centre in the community. The addition of modern classrooms and facilities have benefited all members of the school community.

The school exists to assist parents in their children’s education by offering specialist teaching in a Christian environment. Training in Christian values occurs not only in Biblical Studies classes, but across all curriculum areas. We place high priority on the success of each individual student and developing courses to best fit their needs.

Pupils come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and environments, but these families are committed to the Special Character of the school.

As of March 2016 there are approximately 210 students and 15 teachers along with teacher aides and other administrative staff.

Enrolling children in Christian Renewal School gives parents an opportunity to choose a different and distinctive education environment. Christian Education is based on Biblical principles where respect, honesty and other traditional values are encouraged and expected. The emphasis on developing character in our students results in academic excellence being evident throughout the school.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site and find the information useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Rodney Lloyd (Principal)

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ