Attendance dues


Attendance Dues are a compulsory charge made by the Proprietor (Property owner) of an Integrated School, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, to cover the costs of Capital Development. This money is used to pay for land and building purchase, and repayment of loans used to develop the buildings used by the school. This is not used for the delivery of education to your child but for development of the facilities that the school uses. The Proprietor of Christian Renewal School is Christian Renewal Trust, and these payments are required to go to the trust.


Attendance Dues are incurred for every day of your child’s enrolment. Minimum charges of one week ($13.27) apply. Invoices are generated on the 1st of every month and fall due on the 20th of the same month. Annual amounts are spread over twelve months. Please see below for payment plans. New enrolments require an advance payment of one month. Your chosen payment plan should then commence the following month. On leaving Christian Renewal School a final adjusted amount may be incurred.


No.  Children Attendance Dues Total 12 Monthly Payments 26 Fortnightly Payments
Per Family Per Family Per Family
1 $690   $57.50   $26.54
2 $1,311 $109.25 $50.42
3 $1,863 $155.25 $71.65
4 $2,346 $195.50 $90.23



Attendance Dues can be paid one year in advance at reception, if desired. Preferred payment is by automatic payment, however Eftpos and cash are also accepted. Automatic payment forms are available at reception and should be submitted before your child’s start date. If at any time you have difficulty with payments, please contact Reception. Statements and Invoices are available upon request.

Bank Account Details are as follows: 06-0493-0084037-02

Terms and conditions are subject to amendments. Notification of this will be provided in writing.

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ