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Christian Renewal School Newsletter 15 June, Term 2, 2017

Kia ora koutou

Please take the time to read this important update

  • Uniform Jackets review: The school has made additions to what is available regarding school uniform. We wanted to let you know about these: There are now two jackets available for use at school:

The High School Jacket and the Rain Jacket, but there are some differences regarding price and use. The Rain Jacket which was made available to Primary students is now available for purchase by all students in the school (Primary or Secondary). It is at Staff discretion whether this jacket may be worn inside. Y9-13 Students may wear the High School Jacket and/or school jersey for classes at any time and Y1-8 students may wear a school jersey in class. A slightly different Rain Jacket which has been made available for some netball teams for use on Saturday can be worn for school. We would ask that parents and students work with us on this, so we work together with the simple boundaries in regard to uniform.

  • School Concert– many students have put in a lot of effort practicing items for this. Please show them your support by coming along on Thursday 22 June at 7:00pm
  • Education has been in the news lately more than usual (perhaps it’s election year). Regarding photos of students put on Facebook pages: we like to highlight achievement and keep parents updated with events that are happening with the school- we put photos on the CRS Facebook page for you to enjoy. We only use photos that we consider will not embarrass students or their families. Likewise, if parents post photos of other people’s children at school events, we would expect the same; and if any other child’s parent was not happy with a photo you or the school posted, we would expect that it would be removed. This has not been a problem, but has been discussed in media, so I just wanted to mention it.
  • Holidays in School time: Some families take children out of school during Term time for holidays. I can understand this, with some overseas flights being so much cheaper at these times. I would, however, ask you to consider whether doing this will hinder your child’s progress. Also bear in mind that teachers spend much time planning programs which are disrupted by children being away; and it is not possible for students to do some NCEA assessments if they missed them through absence. Legally, you actually need permission to take children out of school. I am happy to look at such requests favourably where possible when permission is sought; or to suggest better alternatives of timing after consulting Staff involved.

You should also be aware that absences greater than 15 weeks will automatically result in students being taken off the school roll– (this is NZ law),if, for example, and extensive overseas stay is planned. We are all for families doing holidays together; and children often learn a lot from these; but whenever possible, they should be planned to happen in school holiday times.



Rodney Lloyd (Principal)

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ