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Christian Renewal School Newsletter 18 August, Term 3, 2017

Tena koutu


  • We had excellent World Championships English Ed Perfect results of Year 7 & 8 students.  Cass Cutang scored in the top 4% in English! Jo Boucher gained a silver award and Zac Hopkins a bronze award. Some students received $100 Pizza voucher which was shared with the class today. Well done!
  • The ERO Team visit to the school during Week 2 was very beneficial. ERO Team will now produce an Evaluation Report for the school.
  • There will be a visit from Kaikohe Christian School’s Kapa Haka group at 10am on Thu 31 August. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend
  • The new Secondary ATL Reports will be updated at the end of this month and we will shortly invite parents to book parent teacher interviews on Tue 5 Sept.
  • Preparations are being made for subject choices for 2018 at High School levels. There will follow and Option Choice booklet and an information evening for parents and students.
  • Important notice regarding attendance: We had an attendance audit recently and have been instructed to place a ‘T’ truant code for unexplained absences, which will happen automatically after 5 days. The Ministry definition of truancy for this is not that a student is deliberately avoiding school, but that the absence is unexplained. Parents can check attendance of their child through the Edge Parent Portal. If you believe a wrong code has been entered for an absence, you need only contact the school for it to be changed.
  • Student birthdays: our procedures do not allow for birthday celebrations at school, so please do not send cakes etc. to your child’s class. The best alternative is for parents to make arrangements to celebrate their child’s birthday outside of school hours.
  • Uniform: a number of secondary jackets, a raincoat and primary jerseys are in lost property. Please name your child’s uniform items so they can easily be returned. If your child loses items at school, they should see Mrs Lloyd or leave a message for her at the Office with their name and name the missing item(s).
  • End of day messages for students: Office Staff can only get messages to students for genuine emergencies near the end of the school day. Parents should make other arrangements to give non-urgent messages.
  • We have much to be thankful for at CRS and praise God for His continued blessings on us


Mauri ora! Kia ora!



Rodney Lloyd(Principal)


Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ