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Kia ora koutou katoa

School Photos

Management and teachers were very impressed with the efficiency of the new photographers. We understand that with change, options change like not being able to order a single class photo alone. However, the packs are very reasonably priced and it is up to you whether you wish to purchase these or not.

We also got top quality ID cards done for all secondary students. We realise that some may not have requested these, but we only have the option do it for everyone. The school is charging the standard cost of $10 per ID. These are charged to accounts so do not need to be paid immediately, although some students paid at the Office and this is OK.

The class and individual photos taken by ‘Milestones’ photography have a cut-off date of March 6. Use the code on the envelope for online orders, or return the envelope to the office sealed with the correct money in.

Vehicles in school grounds

If you visit during the day, please use the gravel carpark near the garages. For drop off and pick up we have one rule and a ONE WAY system- drive around the back of the buildings and park on the Courts area. Please reverse in and park around edges. Please walk over to pick up younger children, using the marked crossing. Please follow directions of duty staff.

Camps: Y9-13

These have gone very well- children have enjoyed the outdoors and fresh air. It never ceases to amaze me the work Holy Spirit is able to do in children’s lives at these events. I mentioned at the ‘Shift’ prayer meeting for the school that what we have at our camps is so special; and I don’t think you would see at other school’s camps!

Camps: Y7-8

We are excited about this camp at Manaia in week 8 (18-20 March) of this Term

Prayer for School

We had a very successful prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. There was a great turn out. Church Pastors and elders prayed over the School Leadership, Board of Trustees and Staff. We also prayed around all the classrooms and this was awesome. We believe in the power of prayer!


If you can come up to Kensington Stadium athletics track on Thursday March 7, we will be happy for you to see your children compete in track and field events. It’s really more of a celebration of all our students being able to ‘give things a go’ in a spirit of community. Students should be wearing PE Uniform for athletics but are encouraged to display Rakau colours in various ways. We ask that face paint be applied before arrival at school or outside, as we do not want any mess in toilets here or at the stadium.


There are non-regulation shoes and sandals still appearing at school. Shoes must be completely black, including soles, as do sandals. Please do not be offended if you are asked to get the right footwear, as these rules are very clear in our uniform code.

Dyslexia PLUS, Whangarei, invites parents with concerns about their child’s progress at school to come and hear about ways to help and to share with other parents.

Wednesday 13 March     7:00 to 8:30pm     Anglican Care Centre Lounge, Deveron St, Regent

Some take-home ideas for activities and advocacy will be available.

Please rsvp to 430 0693 or  , leaving your name and contact details.


Rodney Lloyd(Principal)

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ