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Options night for 2020 at Renew School

Students of Y8-12 have been issued with Corse Booklets for 202 and a return sheet is attached to these which needs to be handed in by Thursday 12 September. We would like to invite parents and students of this year’s Y8-12 classes (next year’s Y9-13) to an options information evening on Tuesday 10 September at 7pm. We will have some short talks followed by Staff being available to korero with parents and students about courses offered.


The Program is:

  1. Introduction and overview of Options Rodney
  2. STAR/GATEWAY Courses Ray
  3. NZQA Nigel
  4. Subject consultations All Secondary Staff


Vaccination Program-Important

The Health nurses will be visiting the school for the for the year 8’s to have their second HPV vaccination on Thursday 26 September. As there is an increased risk with Measles at this time, they can also give MMR vaccinations at this time for any students needing them.

They will also give MMR vaccination to any parents who would like to come in on this same day whilst they are here. Consent forms will be available from the School Office up to the date of their visit.


False alarms

It is a serious matter when students interfere with the covers of the fire alarm activation switches. Since the evacuation caused by the switch being activated in the stairwell due to the cover having been broken and removed, it has been discovered that the upstairs corridor one has been tampered with and the library one has also been removed. The library is closed until the switch has been repaired. I spoke to the Y7-13 students in a special assembly yesterday and emphasised that there are always consequences to our decisions and behaviour. Even a small thing can set in motion a string of events that affects a large number of people- like the removal of the fire activation alarm switch. This enabled someone to activate the switch, evacuate the school in the pouring rain; and resulting in a lot of disgruntled wet people and a costly false alarm call out of the Fire Dept. I then had to get Wormald to come in to reset the system and replace the broken switch, not to mention the time involved in investigating the incidents and interviewing students about it.

Such behaviour is totally unacceptable at this School. It concerns me that there are people in our school community who would vandalise property that is not their own and not take ownership for their actions. It also concerns me that these things may not be reported to me when they first happen so that we can take appropriate action.



Becky Overeem is working effectively as Chaplain intern in the school on Tuesdays each week. There has been an increase in demand for appointments since she started and she is excited about this as she has a real heart to help young people.


Renew School.

Renew church and school are preparing for a celebration of the approved name change to ‘Renew School’ at the start of 2020. We are excited about this new phase in the life of the school which started here in 1996.




Rodney Lloyd (Principal)

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ